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Why Anestix

Anestix Solutions, Inc. was created as a "Sophisticatedly Simple" improved solution to the anesthesia paper record. Anestix is a modular Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) designed to integrate into a client’s existing electronic medical record and/or billing system. It is a tablet based application that works on all the popular operating systems.

We are unique in that our system not only utilizes a cloud based platform for capturing and storing the anesthesia record but does so without the need for expensive interfaces in the anesthetizing areas. We are also designed to be adaptable and customizable. In addition, we offer real time capture of relevant SCIP and PQRI data to fulfill the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) criteria for reporting meaningful use data using their NACOR registry.

Our Mission

The anesthesia record of today must serve more than just the patient’s medicolegal record of their anesthetic. It must function as a relational database capable of capturing and extracting data for multiple purposes.

Today’s anesthesia groups are drowning in declining reimbursements and escalating regulatory and compliance measures. Revenues and collections are falling. Most groups now require a stipend from their hospital. Anesthesia groups or their hospitals are reluctant to invest in an expensive AIMS system, particularly a product that incorporates redundant features that exist in their facility’s EMR. Anesthesia practices can no longer recoup revenue spent on expensive AIMS systems. They only face penalties for lack of compliance. The AIMS market place is very confusing. The compliance regulations are more confusing. Anesthesia practices are literally "giving up" and feel compelled to join large practices or hire ancillary personnel to meet CMS compliance regulations.

Anestix Solutions was created to fill this gap in the AIMS marketplace. We were created by practicing anesthesiologists looking for better solutions to the aforementioned problems. We are anesthesiologists utilizing technology in a sensible cost effective manner, not a tech company selling medical software. Anestix Solutions’ electronic anesthesia record provides an anesthesia group what you need, not what you have to buy. We have eliminated redundant services that are in most AIMS systems and created a system that mirrors our work flow in our environment. Our customizable and integratble platform is free of expensive interfaces, designed to integrate into a facility’s existing EMR. All the while utilizing the power of cloud computing deployed over Wi-Fi or 4G networks.